About Me


I am Krishnakumari, a Mandala art aesthete. I love to create handmade artworks and explore other Indian folk art forms. Also, to teach the same to other art aesthetes out there.

I am a Digital Freelancer and the same time passionate about Mandala Art.

Let’s get into the real story that changed my 1.0 version to 2.0 version.That happens when I joined an Internship Program in Digital Marketing by Digital Deepak. This internship is actually a transformative process.You didn’t realize it until you become an intern of Digital Deepak.

Now I am totally enjoying my work I do.Now I am learning and doing more about Mandala Art and in near future I am planning to start digital freelancing for artists to enhance the art culture.In India, there where so many talented artists who are not get recognized. My aim is to create an online platform for artists who can showcase their artworks and express their creativity to the entire world and to enhance Indian art culture and spread it across the world. Let’s move together!.

Thank You!