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Interview with Ms.Chetna Singla | Mandala Artist

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Following is a formal text interview with Ms Chetna Singla, a passionate Mandala Artist. Let’s get know about her art journey and her future plans as an Artist.

Q: Hai Chetna, How are you? Where are you from? Tell us a few about you.

Chetna: I’m good. Hope you’re doing good too.
I’m Chetna Singla, an artist and art educator based in Delhi. I specialise in mandalas and doodles. I’m a member of the Mandala Art Team of an esteemed art supplies brand called Brustro. Also, I have an art studio in Delhi where I create, teach and sell art. I’ve taught numerous online workshops in India and abroad.

Q: What are you doing for a living? Are you a Full-time artist/a Part-time Artist?

Chetna: I’m a full-time artist. I take workshops, one-to-one classes, and work on art commissions. I’m also working on some products to set up my small business.

Q: Who and What makes you inspired to choose Mandala Art and Why? From whom you learnt this art or are you a self-taught artist?

Chetna: Mandala art itself inspires me to keep doing it. It’s an art form that I love to the core. Since the time I discovered mandalas, I’ve been working on them, learning and exploring them. I’m a self-taught artist who loves to research, explore and practice different art forms and techniques!

Q: What other hobbies do you have? Any other areas you are passionate about other than Mandala Art?

Chetna: Other than practicing art, I love teaching art. Also, my hobbies are all art related, I’d say. If I’m tired of doing mandalas, I start working with watercolours or make some art journal spreads.

Q: By the way, I can’t proceed without saying that all your artwork is awesome and beautiful. Where do you get the idea of designing a Mandala and the patterns?

Chetna: First of all, thank you so much for appreciating my work. Mandala Designing has become a natural, free-flowing process for me because of consistent practice. I let my hands flow while working on mandalas and that’s the best feeling!

Q: Do you sell your artworks? Have you completed any commission works, collaborations, etc?

Chetna: Yes, I do sell my artworks. I’ve been able to sell a few pieces locally through my art studio. I also have worked on some commissioned art pieces.

Q: Are you focusing only on a particular pattern/doodle Mandala or any other Mandala? Why did you choose Mandala Art?

Chetna: Like I mentioned earlier, mandala making is a free-flowing process for me. I have evolved my art style which is mandala+doodle artworks and I love working on them. But, I also like to explore different mediums and art forms. So, my focus is on discovering new techniques and art styles. And, I chose mandalas because I feel connected to them. There’s no other art form I feel more connected to.

Q: How do you feel about being an Artist? What you have to say for those who are looking to take Mandala Art as a career?

Chetna: Being an artist is exciting and challenging at the same time. I really enjoy working on something I love doing but it also needs a lot of patience, practice and hard work.
For people who are trying to build a career in art, I’d only say, you’ve to be passionate, be willing to work hard.

Q: Chetna! Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? What are your future plans as an Artist?

Chetna: I see myself making and admiring art 10 years from now. I believe I’m meant for art. So, wherever I’ll be, I’ll be into art. My future plans are to create my own merchandise, sell original artworks, take workshops in different states and countries.

Thank You Chetna for your time! Have a nice day!

IG handle : @mandalasbychetna

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